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The Virtual Medicine Conference

The Virtual Medicine Conference takes place on March 28th, 2018 describing itself as a place to share best practices in medical virtual reality. From their website:

Virtual Medicine is intended for a wide range of stakeholders seeking to learn about the implementation, outcomes, and cost-effectiveness of medical VR in clinical practice. Participants include clinicians using VR for patient care, patients exploring the benefits of VR as a complementary therapy, hospitals and clinics evaluating the health economics of starting a medical VR program, industry partners developing VR hardware and software solutions, journalists investigating the latest advances in medical VR, and investors seeking to learn the evidence and ROI for healthcare VR solutions. Source: The Virtual Medicine Conference

Learn Virtual Medicine practices from speakers:

  • Aenor Sawyer, Director of Health Innovation UCSF
  • Denise Silber, Founder Doctors 2.0
  • Skip Rizzo, USC
  • Brennan Spiegel, Director of Health Services Research Cedars-Sinai
  • Rik Shorten, CCO BioflightVR
  • Brandon Birckhead, VR/AR Association Digital Health Committee
  • Jeremy Soule, Roland Virtual Sonics
  • Daniel Kraft, Singularity University
  • Kim Bullock, Stanford VR Clinic
  • Walter Greenleaf, Stanford Virtual Human Interactions Lab
  • David Rhew, CMO Samsung Electronics America
  • Kate Donovan, Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Amanda Greene, Patient Advocate
  • Arshya Vahabzadeh, CMO BrainPower
  • Matthew Stoudt, CEO AppliedVR
  • Josh Sackman, Applied VR,
  • Justin Barad, CEO OSSO Health

We’re proud that Guided VR is the world’s most popular Virtual Medicine app, with over 400,000+ users. Our clinical trials and external medical virtual reality research shows massive patient benefits, unlike other virtual reality therapy options tested at Cedars-Sinai where 95%+ of patients refused to use them. Our exclusive features are the result of years of refinements from patient and user feedback. It is only a matter of time before all areas of healthcare embrace virtual reality for these unique advantages.

We’re excited to see Cedars-Sinai embrace therapeutic virtual reality as it continues its journey towards the mainstream of healthcare. Learn more at The Virtual Medicine Conference March 2018.

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