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What are the recommended ADA dental anxiety techniques? The American Dental Association provides the following techniques for those suffering from dental anxiety, summarized below:

Freely Talk About Your Anxiety

Tell your dentist about your anxiety. When you book your appointment, tell the receptionist you’re nervous about dental visits. Remind the dentist and dental staff about your anxiety when you arrive. Share any bad experiences you may have had in the past, and ask for suggestions on coping strategies.

Use Distraction Techniques

Wear headphones. If the sound of the drill bothers you, bring headphones so you can listen to your favorite music or audiobook. Some dental offices even have televisions or show DVDs.

Visualize A Different Environment

Imagine your happy place and visualize yourself at a relaxing beach or garden.

Use Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation starts in the mind. Try deep breathing exercises to help relax tension in your muscles.

What If These Techniques Don’t Work For You?

The good news is that the recommended ADA dental anxiety techniques should work for most people.

Yet, with up to 60% of U.S. Adults suffering from some level of dental anxiety it should be stated that these techniques above won’t work for everyone. Focusing your mind while under stress and fear can be quite difficult. What should someone do if these tactics don’t work for you?

Laughing gas or IV based sedation is one common option. There are even sedation dentists that specialize in using these options best for those in fear. Sedation dentists focus on assisting those with dental fear, anxiety, or phobia. But for those fearful of losing control at the dentist this may only increase worries.

If your dental fear is still extreme, it might help to speak to a psychologist to coach you through these thoughts. Just like your favorite athlete, sometimes it may take someone external aiding you to see personal growth.

If these don’t sound like the right fit for you, there is one new option…

Introducing Guided VR

Guided VRGuided VR is an all-in-one virtual reality relaxation solution for those suffering from dental anxiety.

Unlike the methods above, this approach doesn’t require focus or training to work best. There are also no drugs or needles involved. This method fully distracts you by replacing the scary sights and sounds of a dentist visit with more pleasant realities of your control. And when your mind is in another world, the fear and anxiety often goes with it.

ada dental anxiety

Instead of imagining a happy place, you’re floating through one.

Guided VR 360 Video

Instead of listening to music through headphones, you visually live in the music with our visualizer experiences.

Guided VR Environments

Instead of performing breathing exercises, you’re coached through leading techniques with some of the best relaxation and meditation coaches in the world.

Dental anesthetic alternatives

We think there is a better way to treat dental anxiety. One that puts the patient’s experience at the center. And we’ve crafted our experiences based on the feedback of hundreds of thousands to be as relaxing as possible. Best of all, they’re controlled by the dentist so you can request what you’d like best, sit back, and enjoy your journey.

If you’re one of the millions suffering from dental anxiety, we’d love your help. Encourage your dentist to explore Guided VR to provide cutting-edge relaxation that you deserve!

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