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Deploy Virtual Reality relaxation in your business in < 10 minutes.
Guided VR works alongside a tablet enabling remote control of our exclusive relaxation content.
Guided VR works with the latest high-end mobile Virtual Reality headsets.
A Guided VR subscription includes remote support and bi-annual content updates.
Guided VR offers the most powerful, feature filled relaxation software in virtual reality.
Virtual Reality relaxation made super simple.
Guided VR combines hardware, software, and support for an all-in-one virtual reality solution.
Each Guided VR package includes:
Virtual Reality Headset
Guided VR Software
Carrying Case
Remote Support Team
Already own an Oculus Go?
Download Guided VR instantly.
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Guided VR Environments
Over 100 anxiety reducing VR environments.
Allow your customers to instantly experience relaxation environments, independently shown to reduce anxiety, heart rate, pain, and restlessness.
VR Spa Treatment Guided VR Relaxation
Enjoy real-world or computer graphics relaxation content.
The world’s only virtual reality relaxation app to offer a choice in visual styles. Experience cutting-edge computer graphics or 360 video of exotic locations.
Listen to calming tracks while virtually recharging.
Over 50 songs designed to relax can be enjoyed while in VR.
Dental anesthetic alternatives
Over 20 hours of original meditation and mindfulness content.
Provide customers with exclusive guided relaxation content from industry thought leaders in relevant topics such as Compassion, Relaxation, and Zen.
Remotely control your customer’s VR experience with a tablet.
Instantly see what your customer sees. Select content aligned to your client’s unique needs.
Guided VR
One monthly cost. Zero worries.
No hardware to own. No apps to update. No worries. Everything happens like magic.

Are you ready to get started?

Guided VR makes debuting a Virtual Reality relaxation solution in your business simple. Contact us today to share this remarkable technology with your unique customers.

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