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Chicago Magazine shared a great example of how pedicures in VR can delight new or existing spa customers:

For the first 10 minutes, a male voice leads me in a guided meditation, though I find it difficult to focus on his instructions. That’s probably because it’s the middle of the afternoon, I have work deadlines racing through my head, and I arrived 10 minutes late thanks to Friday afternoon traffic on the Stevenson from Chicago to Burr Ridge. Of course, all of those are reasons I need to meditate.

Once the voice subsides, it’s just me and the waves. And Brittnee, obviously, but even though she’s busy exfoliating my legs and rubbing my feet, I’ve pretty much forgotten she exists. After 20 minutes or so, I’ve put the traffic and deadline stress behind me, fully blissed out. The beach goes from day to night and back again. I find myself fascinated with what I think are fireflies blinking above the ocean. I fall asleep for about five minutes. Er, I think it was five. Time is fluid on my beach.

What Do Pedicures in VR Look Like?

Part of the magic of virtual reality is that your customers get to choose. Do they want to visit the beach? A waterfall? A dense forest? How about all of the above…

How Can You Implement VR Pedicures in Your Spa or Salon?

Guided VR is the leading virtual reality solution for spas and salons. By combining our exclusive software, innovative hardware, and support, our mission is to make deploying virtual reality into service business as seamless as possible.

With Guided VR for Spas and Salons you can deploy immersive wellness technology in under 10 minutes and start delighting customers. Your Guided VR subscription includes your salon or spa’s branding, which continues to reinforce brand loyalty. Guided VR also provides over 150 unique environments, from cutting-edge computer graphics to 360 films.

Interested in learning more? Schedule a brainstorming session with our team to see if VR is right for your business!

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