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From making our work days more efficient, to making it easier to communicate seamlessly with our friends and family, software has revolutionized our world. Here at Guided VR, we believe we’re in the middle of a new wave of software that can do so much more than we perceive today. This future is a reimagining of the core value of software, where it’s purpose is less about increasing productivity, more about enabling us to become happier humans.

Software as a Solace

Imagine that your son or daughter is in a hospital bed. They have been for days, growing tired of staring at the sterile charts and gauges around them. Seeing their restlessness grow, you wish that they could take a walk outside for just a few minutes…

Or imagine that after a lifetime of hard work you enter a senior living center. Once unable to sneak in lunch during your busy days, you now have all of the time in the world, but lack the ability to explore it freely. Your mind is just as sharp as ever though. With time, your walls can begin to feel like a prison, as you stare out the window wishing you could explore beyond the edge of the street…

Or imagine that you’re afraid of the dentist. You’re not alone, with some studies showing 3 out of 4 Americans feel the same, so you avoid it until you’ve made a small dental problem into a very big one. As you make an appointment, you try to deep breathe, convincing yourself that this time you’ll show up. If only there was a way to get treatment on a beach…

Or imagine that you’re in Human Resources for a leading enterprise. Your team is brilliant, motivated, and hard-working. Maybe a bit too hard-working, as someone new gave their notice today. Burnout is real and the free lunches aren’t enabling people to de-stress like they used to. If people won’t leave these four walls, maybe there is a way they can still feel like it…

Or imagine that you’ve now worked 80 hour weeks for the past month and you’ve scheduled a spa weekend to finally get away. While these walls are beautiful, you spend all of your waking hours confined in buildings. You’d rather be on the beaches of Hawaii if you didn’t have to go back to work on Monday. So you enjoy you’re massage, while trying to pretend you’re someplace far away…

These problems aren’t typically solved by software. But with virtual reality software, they can be.

This new evolution of software can help us reduce the daily fear, pain, and anxiety we all at times face. Virtual reality software allows us to break free of our environment and take a refreshing dip into another world, even for a brief moment.

The Next Generation of Software is Fully Immersive

Guided VR was created to allow a user to truly escape the four walls of their surroundings. Whether using virtual reality for leisure in the spa environment or to comfort a stressful few days in the hospital, a user enjoys a dash of beautiful nature and refresh however works best for them.

VR Spa Treatment

Guided VR was made to allow full control over your environments. The user can select an ideal nature environment from over 100 options ranging from beaches, mountains, forests, and beyond.

Guided VR Relaxation

These environments can be completely computer graphics or 360 real-world video, custom captured by our team through traveling the globe. A user can choose what feels best for them.

Guided VR was made to allow you to relax in your own way. These worlds are aided with an overlay of authentic nature audio, over 50 calming music options.

Dental anesthetic alternatives

Or if relaxing isn’t preferred, a user can experience a virtual reality meditation session. With over 20 hours of custom meditation content, custom made for virtual reality, there are topics for every stressful situation.

Guided VR

Guided VR is a white-labeled platform, effortlessly taking on the brand of the spa or salons colors and logo. This makes a user’s experience not just memorable, but brand friendly.

Guided VR Environments

Best of all, Guided VR hardware is completely wireless. An external user is able to view and control a customer’s experience through a wireless tablet, being able to make changes on the fly. The customer enjoys a wireless virtual escape. And all software updates occur seamlessly, without the need to be an IT wizard.

Interested in learning more? Contact our team today to learn about the world’s most advanced VR relaxation platform, and let’s brainstorm about how it can seamlessly integrated into your existing business.

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