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You might have heard a lot about virtual reality relaxation, or you might have never heard of it at all. Over 20 years of research shows that virtual reality for distraction can significantly reduce the amount of pain patients feel during a medical procedure.

Are you someone who has never takes a calming break or have you been using meditation and relaxation techniques and exercises for years and years? Regardless of your level of knowledge and experience, you’ll probably want to know more about how virtual reality relaxation actually skips over your experience and places you instantly in a calmer, happier world.

How does Virtual Reality relaxation really work?

Relaxation VR is the use of virtual reality technology which, through the use of a headset, sound effects, and music, immerses a user into a relaxing environment. One minute you can be in your house and after slipping on a headset, be marooned on a deserted island with only the sea lapping against the shoreline. But how does the technology work to effectively relax you? You can listen to the sounds of nature, music, or even guided meditations helps you block out the world around you and focus on the here and now. It’s a form of escapism. VR relaxation has the same premise. Take a user from their ‘real world’ and drop them into the perfect place to rest, free from the distractions of the busy life they lead, and let them have a bit of control over their experience.

Relax with the leading innovator in the virtual reality relaxation space: Guided VR.

When you want to relax, you’ll the want the experience to be a perfect fit for you. That is why, when you choose Guided VR, you’ll experience more environments than all other competitors combined (over 100).

Competitors, offer a few very grainy, low resolution, badly seamed 360 videos, not at all relaxing. And, as they charge for each one, you will likely end up stressing over the cost, another reason why this is not relaxing. Others, often in the Applie VR space, partner with app makers, ensuring you’ll pay money for content that exists for free online and is never made with VR relaxation in mind. Why compromise with your patients?

Guided VR DirectorWhen you choose the leading innovator in the virtual reality relaxation, you are choosing quality and a complete relaxation experience with hundreds of unique environments custom made for VR. Everything you need comes included:

  • Travel Case
  • Samsung Galaxy Phone
  • Gear VR Headset
  • Secured Pre-installed Content
  • Headphones; Sanitary Liners
  • Support Hang Tag
  • Instruction Card
  • Toll-Free Support

Interested? Sign up for Guided VR, the leading virtual reality application suite for health and wellness.

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