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Have you ever wondered whether virtual reality for pain management in dental care could ever become common practice? and other medical procedures for many years. Virtual reality (VR) is an exciting new field that promises great potential in all areas – including dentistry. As with all new technology, VR was once pricy. Now the price is coming down, making it more available for sectors such as dental offices. Some have found using virtual reality for dental pain as effective as narcotics.

Are dentists ready for virtual reality for pain management?

Guided VR Environments

Many dentists ask, why bother with virtual reality for pain management in dental care when we already have effective drugs? Here are 10 good reasons:

  1. Some people cannot take medications for pain due to allergies.
  2. Drugs have side effects that can be unpleasant and long-lasting.
  3. Pain medications can cause a relapse in recovering addicts.
  4. Pregnant women should not use pain medications.
  5. Those with a phobia to needles may panic at injections for numbing.
  6. Repeated periodontal treatments and surgeries may result in dental phobia.
  7. Why would anyone introduce a drug into their body for pain if a drug-free option is available?
  8. Nobody likes giving kids drugs.
  9. Injections hurt.
  10. The overall experience is likely to be a more pleasant with virtual reality.

Is virtual reality for pain management in dental care effective?

Virtual reality for pain management in dental care can be expected to be effective just as it has been for other medical procedures. By playing a virtual reality experience, you are distracting the focus of the brain away from the pain and the instruments of pain. It works because you are surrounded by a virtual world that feels real. A virtual reality system is well within the affordable price range for most dental practices, so don’t wait to make this valuable tool part of your office equipment. Patients across the country are waiting for effective drug-free pain anxiety relief.

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