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Is there a place for clinical virtual reality in a dental practice? Some patients suffer without treating tooth loss, painful gum disease, rocketing pain from exposed nerves and serious infections caused by neglect. Their reason for neglecting their oral health is not cost, ignorance or even laziness.

More than 70% of patients experience fear or anxiety when faced with the thought of visiting the dentist. Can virtual reality change this?

Clinical Virtual Reality for the Dental Practice

Virtual reality nudges patients towards loving their dentist by giving them the tools to overcome the levels of fear that keep them from ever darkening a dentist’s door.

Procrastinators put off making a dental appointment. They don’t like the discomfort, cost and time it takes. Ultimately, they keep the appointment but if their dentist offered a pleasant Guided VR experience there may be no reason to put off the visit.

Anxiety is evoked by fear of the unknown and the memories of previous visits. Dental visits can be so emotionally exhausting it takes a day for them to recover. A dentist with virtual reality would enable patients to relax instead of clench with fear. That would be a dentist to be loved.

Dental phobia is more than anxiety and those suffering from it are not procrastinators. You can reason with anxiety and procrastination. Phobia is an unreasonable fear which means you can’t overcome it using reason and logic.  Guided VR has proven successful in refocusing the on a virtual world instead of the scary things happening in the dentist’s room.

Guided VR Environments

What makes VR so special?

Find out will virtual reality make more patients love the dentist. Put the headset on and find out for yourself. With Guided VR, your conscious brain is focused totally on a pleasant activity through vision, physical sensation and relaxing sounds. Your senses are unaware of actual reality, like what the dentist is doing behind the scenes. When the dental work is complete and the headset removed, you feel relaxed and your dental work is complete. How could you not love this dentist? Try it for yourself because words alone do not describe the awesome experience.

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