You’re juggling a busy working schedule, taking care of your family and trying to make ends meet on a tight budget so you cannot afford a relaxing vacation, right? Wrong!

With the latest VR apps, you can take a break anytime you need it and you need not even step out of your front door. All you need is to find a quality VR meditation app like Guided VR and in seconds you will drift off to far-away places. From the comfort of your own home or office, escape to a virtual reality environment that relaxes you most. Guided VR offers more environments than all other competitors combined. They also have more meditation content, with 10 unique meditation schools, each in a series of ten meditations, for a total of 16+ hours of unique meditation relaxation.

Meditate on your sofa

VR relaxation diverts your thoughts away from the ongoing stresses of daily life. High quality three-dimensional visuals and soothing music focus your thoughts on what you are experiencing in the moment only. That results in your mind returning to a state of peace and calm, as your mind relaxes, so do your muscles. Meditate in VR to help feel calm and stress-free after each meditation session. Guided VR offers you:

  • High-quality content and visuals (inferior apps like Relax VR only offer a few very grainy, low resolution, badly seamed 360 videos)
  • Regular upgrades
  • Guided meditations that can be customized just for you (much like a personal trainer for your mind),
  • A variety of meditation destinations and lush meditation spots that suit your taste.

Guided VR Director

Meditate YOUR way

You can choose your own meditation experience and relax at your own pace with the customizable environments offered by Guided VR. Click to sign-up for a free trial of Guided VR, the leading virtual reality application suite for health and wellness. Everything you need comes included: Travel Case; Samsung Galaxy Phone; Gear VR Headset; Secured Pre-installed Content; Headphones; Sanitary Liners; Support Hang Tag; Instruction Card, and Toll-Free Support.

If you’re stressed out and feeling exhausted, meditate in VR to escape the everyday!

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